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Watery Ways

  • Years 2
  • Full day program
  • 9.15am - 2pm

"Hands on learning that consolidated school learning. Walking the path allowed [us] to see exactly what water does and they could then explain the water cycle confidently."

Year 2 Teacher


"Testing the water saving devices taught them how much water is wasted. They were very interested to know the difference".

Year 2 Teacher


Big Idea

Conserving natural resources


Curriculum Links

Science, HASS (Geography) and the cross curriculum priority of Sustainability



A letter sent to your school, inviting students to visit Bunyaville Environmental Education Centre to join the magical mystery tour of a wayward water droplet called Whizzy. Students find clues throughout the day to solve riddles about catchment care and water conservation. 

Upon arrival, students will participate in a water quiz (with a difference) to orientate them to the day’s activities. Each group will then complete two activities that enable the students to better understand the water cycle, the journey water takes in our catchments and how we can conserve this precious resource.

Catchment Capers (Visiting teacher)

Students learn about water flow over the landforms and special features which make up a catchment by exploring a replica catchment complete with a running creek, waterfall, lake, dam, bubbling springs and a wetland. They also test water-saving and regular household water fittings to build water conservation skills.

Water Trail (Centre staff)

Centre Staff take the students on an earthwalk to identify evidence of real trails left by water in Bunyaville Conservation Park. As well as experiencing where the water cycle actually happens, students also experience the real-life landform components of a catchment.  The program's culminating activity involves playing the ‘Resource Game’. It helps students realize what an important and scarce natural resource water is. The students are asked to evaluate their own actions with respect to water conservation by taking a water audit home to complete.


Curriculum Links

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