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The Art of Nature

  • Program delivered by the BEEC teachers with guidance from the visiting teacher. 
  • Full day (4.75 Hours)
  • Years 3 and 4

Big Idea

Caring for self, others and place.


The purpose of this day is for students to develop personal and social capability as they learn to understand themselves and others while in a natural place. Students work in groups to cooperatively rise to the challenge of completing an art installation in the forest.

To achieve this challenge, students will need to develop their capability to:

  • work cooperatively in teams and understand others
  • make decisions
  • discuss qualities about themselves, using Howard Garden’s theory of multiple intelligences theory with a ‘smart pizza’. (self and others)

The pedagogy is crafted to support and develop an understanding of themselves and others, with place providing the real life application for practicing self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social management. Specific pedagogies of:

  • deep reflection (self, others)
  • attentiveness, (self)

support a small group to represent their art piece in the forest.

Students select natural materials from the forest floor to co-operatively design their art work. Students observe how nature models examples of visual elements such as line, shape, patterns, texture, colour and form.  Students then create meaning in their art work by using design features such as construction, placement of elements and framing.

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