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Science in the Wild

  • Year 4
  • Full day program
  • 9.15am - 2.30pm

Big Idea

Investigating interrelationships between plants and animals and understanding how natural processes and human activities can impact the environment.


Curriculum Links

Science, HASS (Geography), Mathematics



Students connect with their classroom learning by investigating the interrelationships between plants and animals and exploring how human activities can change the Earth's surface in a natural setting. In this full day program at Bunyaville Conservation Park, students participate in a 2 hour Earthwalk and your choice of two of the three activities outlined below:

Life Cycles

Students explore a variety of habitats finding small animals and evidence of animals with 2-stage, 3-stage or 4-stage life cycles. Students investigate the characteristics of animals and the interactions that occur between living things and environments.

Plant Places

Students investigate features of different plant types (i.e. vines, ferns, lichen, moss and other living things including fungi) found in three different habitats. Students explore the connection between the needs of plants (i.e. sunlight, soil, slope and moisture) and the type of environment they live in.

Forest Feet (spatial numeracy)

Students navigate a circuit in the picnic area, interacting with maps and organising information spatially. Students collaborate in small teams making observations and are challenged to solve problems mathematically within a real-life context.

Curriculum Links

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