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Riverine Landscapes

  • Year 8
  • Half day program - negotiable

Big Idea

To investigate a riverine landscape, observe processes and gather first hand data.


Curriculum Links

Geography - Unit 1 (Landforms and Landscapes)



Students visit Bunyaville Conservation Park to undertake a case study of a riverine landscape. They collect first hand data in four areas;

  1. Geomorphic processes
  2. Abiotic parameters
  3. Biotic processes
  4. Care and management evident

This is carried out in two locations to explore spatial variation and patterns. The observations are recorded in a table and data loggers are used to give results for abiotic parameters.Data collected from the freshwater ponds is used to make informed decisions about the health of that ecosystem. Human impacts on the forest are observed and recorded such as weeds and the use of fire in the park. By studying aerial images students can draw conclusions about the changes over time and their consequences. These observations are used to inform findings around a key inquiry question developed before the excursion.


Curriculum Links


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