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Responding to landcover transformations - Geography Fieldwork

  • Year 11-12
  • Full day program
  • 9am - 12.30pm


Big Idea

Students examine the geographical process that result in land cover change at a local level and how these processes shape the identity of places.

~ Use the geographic inquiry model to develop a plan and carry out investigating a local land cover management challenge;

~ Identify the methodology to be used, data required and appropriate methods for data collection; and

~ Conduct a field study to collect primary data for investigating a land management issue including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of knowing their environment.


Curriculum Links

Senior Geography 2019 – 2020
Unit 3- Responding to land cover transformations 
Topic 2: Responding to local land cover transformations
4.5.2 Summative internal assessment2 (IA2):
Investigation – field report (25%)




This Field Work focusses on erosion.

The program covers the following syllabus objectives:

~ Explain geographical processes by describing the features, elements and interactions between biophysical and anthropogenic processes that shape the identity of places and result in land cover change

~ Comprehend geographic patterns by recognising spatial and temporal patterns of land cover change at a local scale, identifying relationships and implications for people and places

~ Analyse geographic data and information by selecting and interpreting fieldwork data to infer how patterns, trends and relationships represent a geographical challenge for the fieldwork location

Data collection
Students will work in small groups of 3-4 to collect data and share information at the end of the day. They will visit 2 locations in the park; the picnic area and power line clearing.

Further information is found on the website under upcoming events.


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