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Possum Bangles Saves the Planet

  • Years 1 - 2
  • Full day program
  • 9am - 2pm



"[The program developed] confidence as learners as students completed the various activities ... one student was observed to write letters for the first time this year ... 100% engagement and improved listening skills.

Year 1 teacher


Big Idea

Developing an ethic of care for all living things and the resources that they depend on.


Curriculum Links

Science, HASS (Geography), Mathematics, English and the Cross-curriculum Priority of Sustainability



Possum Bangles Saves the Planet is a story-based program which has been specifically designed to establish in young participants a desire to care for forests.  The children are drawn to the forest of Bunyaville Conservation Park when they receive a letter from Bangles the possum, asking for help to save his forest home.  Students participate in three activities (outlined below), that enable them to connect to the natural environment and to discover how they can help care for the forest, which is the living home of Bangles and many other animals.


Where Do They Live:

Students discover different animals and evidence of animals in their homes, while exploring reasons why forests are important.


Possum Trail (spatial literacy):

While following directions to locations along a trail, students discover clues left by Possum Bangles as to how they can care for forests and what FOFFEs are.


Forests Forever:

A forest walk immerses students in the bush experience, deepening their connection to, understanding of and concern for the importance of the forest.


A final culminating activity gives students the opportunity to take action back at school by:

- modelling a reward scheme to conserve resources in the classroom; and

- giving students a 'growing kit' to germinate seedlings that will benefit wildlife once planted in the school grounds.


Curriculum Links

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