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My Patch

  • Year 1 - Year 4
  • 2 hours at your school or environs nearby

" [Centre teacher] used excellent questioning techniques which encouraged higher order thinking"

Year 3 Teacher


Big Idea

Investigating the connections between self, others and place and working scientifically (Year 3) or geographically (Years 1-4).


Curriculum Links

Science or HASS (Geography)



My Patch – Science (Year 3)
Through the story ‘My Patch’, and using real-life examples from the Bunyaville Conservation Park, students explore the characteristics of living things.  Students are then invited to conduct their own field study, investigating plants and animals living in the school grounds or a natural area close to the school.  During the field investigation, students have opportunities to record and communicate their observations through application of their science inquiry skills.

My Patch – HASS (Geography) (Years 1 - 4)
Through the story ‘My Patch’ and using real-life examples from the Bunyaville Conservation Park, students explore the features of places and how they can be represented.  Students are then invited to explore a special place within their school grounds or in a natural area close to the school.  They identify features of ‘Their Patch’, how people are connected to places and how special places can be cared for.

Students apply their geographical knowledge and skills to a real-life situation and have opportunities to record, represent and communicate their observations during the field investigation.

Program HASS (Geography) Focus Years 1 - 2:

~ Features of local places – natural, constructed and managed
~ What makes a place special
~ How we can look after a special place
~ How we represent features of places
~ Connections between people and places
~ People give meaning to places

Program HASS (Geography) Focus Years 3-4:

~ Human and natural characteristics of places
~ Interconnection between human and natural places
~ What makes places significant – people’s feeling about places
~ Importance of the environment to animals and people – endangered species
~ How different views about the environment influence how we protect it
~ Protection of natural environments

Curriculum Links

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