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Managing Natural Resources

  • Years 11 and 12
  • Full day program
  • 9.15am - 2.30pm


Big Idea

Gathering first hand data allows students to formulate an overview perspective on the dynamic nature of forest and freshwater pond ecosystems and the sustainability issues facing them.


Curriculum Links

Australian Curriculum

Senior Biology

Unit 1: Biodiversity and the interconnectedness of life

Key Concept

3. Organisms live an interdependent existence in evironments to which they are adapted.
4. A variety of mechanisms results in continual change at all levels of the natural world.
5. There are processes that maintain dynamic equilibrium at all organisational levels.


Senior Geography

Unit 3: Land cover transformations

Focus Unit 6 Sustaining Biodiversity



Students will gather first hand data about two contrasting ecosystems in Bunyaville Conservation Park.

Forest biodiversity

Students undertake an investigation of Bunyaville Conservation Park to gather field data about a dry sclerophyll forest. Data is collected about the fire regimes used in the management of the forest, and other issues affecting the biodiversity and long term sustainability of this area. The information can be analysed and used to produce maps showing the spatial distribution of features of the forest with GIS software at school.

Freshwater ponds

Students investigate and gather data on the organisms living in Bunyaville Conservation Park's freshwater ponds. This gives valuable information which can be analysed in reference to the sustainability and biodiversity of the ecosystem. The information can be used to compare and contrast the two ecosystems and the ways they interact.


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