Bunyaville Environmental Education Centre

...taking the learning beyond the classroom

  • Experiencing
  • Enabling
  • Connecting

Here, There, Everywhere

  • Program delivered in partnership between BEEC Staff and Visiting Teachers.
  • Full day program
  • Years 5-6

Big Idea

Engaging in a natural space to care for self, understand working with others and develop a respect for place.


In this learning and wellbeing program, students rotate around the following 3 activities in the surrounds of Bunyaville Conservation Park:

Earthwalk - 2 hours

The earth walk gives students a sensory experience of the forest with opportunities for hands on attentive enquiry. The students are immersed in the natural world and their journey creates a sense of awe, wonder and discovery. The experience promotes wellbeing and helps students make personal connections with the Bunyaville forest and with each other.

Ponding - 1 hour

Students in small groups explore a pond ecosystem. They use pond nets to collect aquatic invertebrates which they observe and identify.

Mapping Madness - 1 hour

Students in small groups navigate a circuit in the picnic area interacting with maps and organising information spatially. They make observations of the features of a forest habitat and engage in a range of kinesthetic learning experiences investigating flora and fauna.

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