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Going Bush

  • Prep - Year 1
  • Full day program
  • 9.15am - 1.30pm


“Opportunities for peer interactions.  Practise using their five senses to make observations about the world around them.”

Prep Teacher


“Both the senses trail and bushwalk helped with our implementation of curriculum”.

Prep Teacher



Big Idea

Exploring self, others and place using the five senses.


Curriculum Links

English, Science, HASS (Geography), Health and Physical Education



The Going Bush program focuses on investigating the world around us by using our senses. During the program students:

- learn how to use their senses to stay safe while investigating the world around them;

- explore environments and a natural place;

- experience and describe a forest and its features;

- investigate how animals use and physically change natural materials to make their homes and

- consider the best types of materials to use in protective clothing for a walk in the forest.

After an introduction to Oogly Boogly, who is so unfortunate that he/she has no senses, the students create a sensory-aware character and identify what types of protective clothing Oogly Boogly will need to stay safe on a forest walk (e.g. a hat, closed-in shoes etc). Students are encouraged to discuss the types of materials that would be the best choice based around physical properties including being waterproof, light/heavy weight, easy/difficult to shape etc.
Students then participate in two activities focusing on safety, the senses, natural materials and natural places: a forest Earthwalk and an environmental Senses Trail.

On the forest Earthwalk, students learn how to walk safely in a natural environment and explore the many wonders of nature and natural places using their senses. Students identify how forest animals use and physically change natural materials to make their homes, listen to the sounds of the forest and explore the features of the forest, including textures, using annayloupes.

On the environmental Senses Trail, students are blindfolded guided, by parents, to walk barefoot across a variety of surfaces, including paddling through a shallow creek. They also feel and smell various natural items.

In both activities students will listen to instructions, cooperate with each other and are encouraged to share their experiences. Going Bush provides students with opportunities to apply their scientific and geographic knowledge and skills to a real-life situation, allowing them to explore science and geography in a meaningful way through active participation.

Curriculum Links

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