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The Bunyaville Easter Bilby Adventure

  • Prep or Year 1
  • Half day program (2.5 hrs)
  • Morning or afternoon session
  • Year 1
  • Full day program (4.5 hrs)
  • 9am - 1.30pm


Season dates: Mon 25 Feb - Thurs 4 April 2019

"This excursion has generated a great deal of conversation among our kids, which is absolutely brilliant."

Prep Classroom Teacher


"Bringing habitat and issues facing animals to life."

Prep Classroom Teacher


"I am booking my Year 1's into the new full day program because of the strong links to Science & HASS in Term 1 and the hands on learning."

Year 1 Classroom Teacher


"The children were actively involved in their learning throughout the entire activity. They reinforced their 'senses' science learning, cooperative learning, engaged in literature, worked with higher level questions and worked in a recount mode in writing upon return to school."

Prep Classroom Teacher


Big Idea

Caring for endangered species through understanding self, others and place


Curriculum Links

English, Science, HASS (Geography and History), Health and Physical Education and the cross curriculum priority of sustainability


Age Appropriate Pedagogies

  • are research supported pedagogies effective at engaging children and achieving learning outcomes in the early years. 

  • The Easter Bibly Adventure strongly implements;

~ a blend of play based learning and direct teaching AAP approaches

~ active, scaffolded, playful, language rich and dialogic and narrative AAP characteristics



Experience powerful learning for students where the child is immersed in the narrative of Easter Bunny being too old to do his job anymore - PROBLEM. Students are guided through the forest following the trails of two candidates.

Along the way they become hands-on, minds-on problem solvers and gain a sense of agency. They experience, connect with and enable their learning when they encounter several authentic issues. In class students continue researching the issues, creating burrows, focusing on native animals, exploring endangered animals at a deeper level. Importantly there are opportunities to extend learning beyond the classroom into the school community with planning and enacting events and actions on issues to make a difference as part of being an effective learner.

Early years teachers love the life like problem solving, integration with classroom learning and the inquiry approach to learning.

Come join the fun connecting your curriculum.


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