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Communicating Ecosystems

  • Program delivered in partnership with BEEC staff and Visiting Class Teacher/s
  • 4 hours
  • Years 6-8

Big Idea

Developing an ethic of care for a natural place.


Students visit Bunyaville Conservation Park to collect field data on two ecosystems, the freshwater ponds and the Eucalypt forest. The purpose of this is to use this first hand data to begin to create a digital story about the issues facing an urban forest.

Students participate in several activities outlined below:


Using dip nets and trays the students explore the freshwater ponds. They capture and identify the creatures that live in the ponds which gives them valuable information about the health of the ecosystem.

Forest Ecosystem

This program explores the uses of the trees from the human and fauna perspective. The students get to know the different Eucalypt trees in this forest and the pressures facing an urban forest from the surrounding settlement.


Students follow the BEEC teacher through the forest to engage with the environment using all their senses. They further discover the pressures on the forest and begin to think about how these can be represented.

At the conclusion of the data gathering activities the group returns to the picnic area to discuss the issues and impacts they have been investigating during the day. The students work cooperatively in groups to begin to plan a digital story that can communicate the problems and solutions.

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