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Catchment Connections

  • Year 6
  • Full day program
  • 9am - 2.15pm

Big Idea

Care of place and working scientifically.


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Are you interested in giving your students real-world experience of an ecosystem?  The Bunyaville Catchment Connections program allows your students to investigate a local waterway, providing them with opportunities to apply knowledge and skills developed inside the classroom and under the guidance of BEEC staff.  Students conduct a field investigation either at the Bunyaville Conservation Park (excursion) or at a waterway near your school (incursion) to determine how water quality, riparian vegetation and human activities all impact on the health of creek and river ecosystems. 

Using scientific equipment, tools, technologies and environmental monitoring methods, students participate in hands-on water testing, netting of aquatic macroinvertebrates and survey of riparian zone plants; collecting and analysing data to determine how abiotic factors (such as water, soil geology, topography and aspect) and the physical conditions of the creek environment affect the growth and survival of plants and animals.

Using the results of their field study, students then make recommendations about the most effective ways to sustainably manage and care for their local catchments, waterways and aquatic ecosystems.


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