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Camping on Country


  • Years 2 - 4
  • Full day program
  • 9.10am - 2.30pm


Big Idea

Understanding and caring for self, others and country through Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives


Curriculum Links

English, Health and Wellbeing, HASS (Geography; Civics and Citizenship; History Year 4)
Cross Curriculum Priorities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultures and Sustainability



Students arrive for a cultural day camp experience following an invitation to attend a Bush Guardian Course. Students learn how to become responsible campers by caring and showing respect for the land/country they camp on by:

  1. working co-operatively in groups and improve literacy skills by following procedural text to make Johnny Cakes and erect a tent;
  2. respecting themselves and others to learn about and play indigenous games; and
  3. explore the wonder of a natural environment on a forest walk and understand how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures care for country, where ever that may be.
  4. Year 4’s will also learn about some of the cultural history of North West Brisbane.

During these activities, students will deepen their knowledge, skills and understanding of the world’s oldest continuous living cultures.

Bunyaville Environmental Education Centre staff supply all equipment and materials needed for the activities – ingredients, cooking facilities, tents, indigenous games equipment and teaching resources.

Curriculum Links

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