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The Bush Play Adventure

  • Prep - Year 1
  • Full day program
  • 9.15am - 2pm

Season dates

    • Term 2 - Weeks 7 to 10
    • Term 3 - Weeks 7 to 10
    • Term 4 - Weeks 4 to 8
"Yesterday, I had the pleasure of visiting your Environmental Education Centre with the Prep A's of Aspley East State School.   I had a wonderful experience with the children and the parents who attended.   However, this experience could not have been achieved were it not for the wonderful teachers that you have at your Education Centre and the marvellous way they told the story of Koala Blue and kept the children's attention and involvement at the highest level.  I was extremely pleased at the way the teachers controlled the children with their concern for each of them and allowed them to present their ideas and suggestions without bias.   A totally wonderful day and very high credits to all those involved. "
Neil (Visiting Parent)


Big Idea

Exploring and caring for self, others and place.


Curriculum Links

English, Science, HASS - (Geography), Health & Physical Education, General capabilities, Sustainability


Age Appropriate Pedagogies

Approach - play based learning

Characteristics - active, creative, language rich and dialogic, learner focused, narrative, playful, scaffolded



The Bush Play Adventure has been specifically designed for children to experience and explore the natural environment, a forest, and to develop awareness and an appreciation of the natural world in which they live. The program takes place in the Bunyaville Conservation Park.

This is a play based program and includes storytelling, puppetry and immersion in the forest. Koala Blue is separated from Mother Chloe after being chased by a dog not restrained on a lead. A magical day unfolds with the children being invited to help solve the problem and find Koala Blue. This program models: environmentally sustainable play, alternative play experiences and strategies for visiting teachers, parents and other adults.



Curriculum Links

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