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Bush Kindy - It's Deadly!

(for Kindergartens and Childcare Centres)

  • Suitable for children aged 3.5 - 6 years old
  • Hours: 9.20am - 1.30pm

"By having this experience children learn to use their imagination"

Visiting Parent

"Connecting with culture"



Big Idea

Caring for self, each other and country


Curriculum Links

  • Early Years Learning Framework
  • Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline

    Active Learning

  • Foundations for Success
  • Age Appropriate Pedagogies



The play-based Bush Kindy Program takes place in the beautiful bushland of Bunyaville Conservation Park. It is designed to develop children's relationship with nature and increase awareness of Indigenous culture within the context of being part of and caring for country. Children receive a special invitation and a resource to initiate their exploration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives and nature.

Soon after arrival at the Bunyaville Bush Kindy, children engage in hands-on, interactive play experiences whilst surrounded by the peace and calm of the bush. Children have agency to choose from a variety of activities and to learn at their own pace. This unhurried play allows the children time to connect with the land while supporting the development of their experimentation, creative thinking, problem solving and social and emotional skills, as well as allowing opportunities to challenge their fine and gross motor skills.
After deep play, a new adventure immerses children in the forest of Bunyaville Conservation Park where they explore, experience, enjoy and appreciate the wonders of nature while growing their knowledge of how to care for the environment and its inhabitants through mindful interaction.
This program models environmentally sustainable play; innovative learning experiences; strategies for parents and carers and provides great professional development for visiting teachers.




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