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About our programs

What we offer

Bunyaville is a K-12 campus offering a range of curriculum-based programs building on your classroom teaching and learning.

Our Business is your business. The Australian Curriculum drives our everyday teaching and learning, with our programs specifically designed to support key learning areas including wellbeing and complementing the knowledge and skills taught in your classroom. Student learning comes alive when you move beyond the classroom and provide students with opportunities to apply what they are learning in class to a real-world context through hands-on, minds-on, hearts-on activities.

Bunyaville runs programs in the forest of Bunyaville Conservation Park, at your school and in your local area, including your local catchments and waterways. The best programs are those that have been developed in partnership with you and designed around your school-based needs - personalised teaching and learning. When you participate in one of our programs, we become your partner, providing you with additional teacher resources, supporting your curriculum and pedagogical delivery.


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Curriculum opportunities included but are not limited to

  • Early Years
  • English
  • Science
  • Higher Order thinking
  • Critical and Creative thinking
  • Real world problem solving
  • Literacy across the curriculum
  • Deep reflection
  • Health and well being
  • Personal and social capabilities
  • Application of knowledge and skills as part of real world learning
  • Ethical behaviour
  • Real world application of knowledge, skills and use of ICT
  • Field investigation



Pre-visit sessions are conducted 4-6 weeks prior to your visit. During this session WH&S including curriculum activity risk assessments, specific curriculum and student needs are discussed to differentiate the learning to support your classroom teaching and your students' specific learning requirements.


Download our Responsible Behaviour Plan (PDF, 6 MB)


Easter Bilby is a program delivered by BEEC Staff only. Book early. Bilby loves you coming to help him and other endangered species.

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