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Booking process

Step 1: Check curriculum relevance

Refer to your current curriculum program (Australian Curriculum / C2C) to see if there is a particular program supporting your curriculum needs.

All programs offered include pre-visit, field-visit and post-visit activities which fully develop the excursion program and focus on the specific learning outcomes and learning needs for your school and class.

Step 2: Choice of program

Programs operate within the forest setting and at your school. Refer to Our Programs or contact the Centre to discuss your choice

Step 3: Types of programs delivery method and length.

All Programs require a shared planning and delivery. Students are all highly engaged in the learning. The learning beyond your classroom builds on the content of your classroom learning developing students capabilities with the application of knowledge and skills.

Step 4: Choose dates

On the application form please indicate alternative dates and identify days in the week that are to be avoided. We endeavour to satisfy our client's choice, however we can not guarantee these days. Our policy is to encourage quality curriculum based environmental educational experiences rather than just a day away from school.

Complete application forms (one per year level) and return them to the address on the form.

Step 5: Booking and Confirmation

1. All applications for bookings must be made in writing either by submitting the on-line booking (www.bunyavileec.eq.edu.au) or by faxing the Booking Application to 3353 2624 or emailing Booking Application Form to bbook11@eq.edu.au.

2. A tentative date will be returned to you with a booking fee invoice. The Booking Fee of $100 is a non-refundable deposit that confirms your schools commitment to the dates offered. This fee confirms acceptance of proposed dates and must be paid within 10 working days of notification. GST is payable for Non-State School. Non payment within the prescribed period will void the booking date. Tentative confirmations will be emailed to visiting teachers and Principal of your school.

3. If you are satisfied with date/s offered send payment to Bunyaville EEC as invoiced or phone to renegotiate available dates for your visit.

4. You will be contacted prior to your visit to discuss curriculum, WH&S and program delivery at a pre-visit. If you are unable to attend a pre-visit session and need resources posted this will incur a $15 postage and handling fee that will be charged when final invoice is issued.

5. The School will be invoiced after your visit date/s. Curriculum based excursions are a GST Free supply to students, however GST is charged to a non-state visiting school and is claimable as an Input Tax Credit. No GST is charged to state schools.

Step 6: Pre-visit In-service

All visiting teachers are encouraged to attend a pre-visit planning and in-service afternoon that is usually conducted 4-6 weeks prior to the field-visit. Session times are 3.30pm to 5.00pm (approx).

The benefits of these sessions are to:

  • ~ visit the site before the students to gain an appreciation and overview of the area;
  • ~ identify the special needs of emotional, physical, learning and other needs of your students;
  • ~ discuss the program details to personalise student learning and sort out any logistical details with the BEEC staff prior to the field-visit;
  • ~ commence the planning, implementation and continuation of learning;
  • ~ collect suitable resource material for your program; and
  • ~ cover workplace health and safety aspects with respect to the field-visit component of the program.

Each program aims to extend the learning beyond the classroom and support Australian/ Curriculum into Classroom student outcomes.


The creek is used for ponding programs.

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